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Art by Lynda Bell

Yuti the Unified Godmother - original painting

Yuti the Unified Godmother - original painting

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Yuti is the protector of unity and connection
We all have parts of ourselves that might not feel like they fit together sometimes. Perhaps you feel like you are a little disconnected - maybe some aspects of you feel like they are contradicting other parts of you.

Or maybe you love all these parts of you - and so you should. Because they are you, and there is nobody else quite like you in the world.

Yuti encourages us to celebrate ourselves, just as we are. And to embrace in our hearts - everyone else’s uniqueness and diversity. No matter how different we feel we may be, we are all connected - and when we feel that unity within ourselves and with each other, we strengthen and nourish the whole world.

Painting details:

Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas
800 x 600 mm
(+45mm deep)
Ready to hang

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