Payment Plans

Read below to find out how to be a Guardian of a new original painting, by paying in installments

Become an Art Guardian

1. Decide which painting you would like to pay off

Message me either by email or through social media

I will calculate the cost of the painting + shipping and we can split it into even amounts over the agreed timeframe

2. I will email you a contract outlining the payment schedule

I will send you regular invoices which you can pay via bank deposit or credit card

Alternative payment methods are available if preferred

3. When the plan is set up, I will take the painting off my website

Now you can start planning where you will hang it!

But first - make sure you read the Terms and Conditions below

Terms and Conditions

  • Payment plans are only available on available original art that has already been painted (no commissions can be accepted at this time).
  • All payments must be even and can be paid weekly or every 14 days. If you get paid monthly we can discuss monthly payments.
  • The maximum time for a payment plan is 20 weeks or 5 months.
  • First payment is due within 3 days of starting the payment plan· The first payment is non-refundable.
  • If for any reason this payment plan is cancelled by the buyer, payments already made cannot be refunded.
  • If payments stop and no communication has been made and messages not replied to, the seller will cancel the sale and the buyer will forfeit a refund on any money that has already been paid.
  • In the very unlikely event that I, the seller cancels the sale, due to something happening to the artwork, money will be refunded in full 
  • Paintings will only be mailed to you once all payments have been received. 


**If you can’t make a payment or you are going to be late: 

I always ask that you treat this payment plan as you would in a store and make all payments on time. Artists rely on their income even more than most stores, so postponing or skipping a payment can be very unpleasant for us. . 

Remember that by holding this painting for you, I cannot sell it to anyone else. But I do know that life has ebbs and flows and sometimes there is an unexpected bill or expense that can suddenly occur.

If this happens, I ask that you let me know right away and have an indication on when you can next pay. Chasing people for payments is very unpleasant and something I prefer to never do. I always really appreciate contact and will be very nice about it. Please don’t be afraid to message me if circumstances change and you need more time.      

Contact email:

FB: Lynda Bell Art

Instagram: @lyndabell_art