Once upon a Painted Tale

A little story about my inspirations and aspirations as an artist


Art Creator

Magick Maker

Story Weaver

Welcome to my world of Magickal Painted Tales

A world where dreams can come true and anything is possible.

The Enchanted Haven that is my art studio is nestled in the realm of native forests and faerie folk, in the heart of beautiful Northland New Zealand. In my studio, my imagination is the Head Sorceress, and my brushes, pencils and sculpting tools are my Enchanted Wands.

Painting is my favourite of all the art that my wands conjure, but I also enjoy illustrating & drawing, writing imaginative stories and sculpting loveable & bizarre creatures.

I create Enchanting Art to Awaken Magick and Nourish the Soul

Through years of creating from the heart, I have learned that our belief is the golden key to opening the secret portals that are available to us all. Creating art allows me to reawaken the enchantment we all believed in as young children and to bask in and share a higher level of belief. The visions I create have encouraged me to open up to the hope that my dreams were possible for my life.

I adore the chance to share this belief with as many people as I can, through my wonderlands of the painted stories that emerge through my art.

I believe in a utopian world of abundance and joy, where animals are loved, and hearts are filled with kindness

Animals have always been a vital part of my inner and outer worlds. My connection to animals and the natural world has been constant and powerful. In my vision of an ideal world (that I know is possible), every human treats animals with respect and compassion; there is harmony throughout Earth as we learn to live with and care for all our fellow earthlings.

The more I create - the more I believe

When I have gone through times of fear, doubt or worry, it was my art that protected my heart. It has been a resounding echo in my life strengthening my belief and reflecting back what I longed to experience.

The moments of serendipity and synchronicity reflect my expanding belief that I see showing up all around me as miracles, blessings and abundance for me and my family. This is what I reflect as an Artist and I know it is here for everyone.

Being a part of the art world can come with challenges. There can be rejections, judgements and business struggles woven into the joy of creating - especially in the early stages. And yet, my determination and continuous drive to express the very real sense of magic that reveals itself inside of me has always beckoned relentlessly.

I feel a deep soul-connection when bringing forward the enchantment, abundance, and kindness that I have seen within into my art-making, so I may share it with everyone who sees my art and feels a connection to it.

My Art reflects the miracles, blessings and abundance available to us all

My art has shown me that even when things seem bleak and impossible, there is always a world in which joy, abundance and blessings can be created and felt. My art journey began in the early years of my childhood and it never stopped. It has been 31 years since first participating in an exhibition at age 18 and I have been a full-time artist for over 12 years.

I have graduated from 4 Art Schools, with diplomas in Painting, Arts & Media, Art & Creativity, an undergraduate degree in Visual Art and a Masters Degree in Arts Therapy.

I have lived in 4 countries and currently reside in Whangarei, New Zealand, enjoying my days making art and writing in my studio at the Quarry Arts Centre. I have original paintings, sculptures and printed works living in homes all around the world and my new oracle deck: Earth Mothers Oracle published by Blue Angel Publishing can be found in stores worldwide.

Having my own studio and thriving as an Artist has been my dream come true - I am here to remind you that the dreams we dare to dream really can come true. I hope that my art can reflect this to you.

Remember the joy of the enchanted worlds and stories we loved as children. The belief in magic we held and the wonderlands we could create in our mind’s eye. They are here for us at any age, for the child we were is the essence of who we are. Delve into my painted worlds and open your heart to the joy and beauty that is and has always been all around you.

Dare to Dream

Follow your Bliss

Be the Hero in your own Enchanted Tale