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Art by Lynda Bell

Draco in the Dream-Sky - original painting

Draco in the Dream-Sky - original painting

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Draco the bunny-dragon is the maker and transformer of dreams. These dreams can be those we have while we sleep, or those that wander through our mind during waking hours. They can also be the dreams of our future and the ambitions that our souls are urging us to strive for. Draco creates dreams for those who feel they have given up hope, and transforms dreams that have turned negative or scary. He reminds us that the power to do this is within us at all times, even when it feels too dark to see the light. He encourages us to chase those dreams that our soul is speaking to us about, and to remember the dreams we had for ourselves when we were young - for those are often the reasons we are here in this lifetime.

Painting Details:

Acrylic on wood panel
Ready to hang
500 x 500 mm

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