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Art by Lynda Bell

The Wizards of Meow - original painting

The Wizards of Meow - original painting

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It’s time to heal and rejuvenate. These wizards can help with that. Here is their story:
Just beyond the fluffy clouds and sunbeams, there is a land called Meow – a place where magic appears from Earth, and a powerful group of sorcerers use their wizardly expertise to ensure that this magic create the best possible situations.

The Wizards of Meow are entrusted with the magic that comes from Earth in the form of thoughts, words and emotions. Most humans do not realise that this energy is actually magic, but the wizards know how powerful a human mind can be. They see people creating amazing things, beginning with a single thought … but they also see the opposite.

Each thought, words and emotion appears to the wizards in rays of multi-coloured light. The enchanted cats see each ray of light as a promise of human potential. Even the most negative of thoughts can be transformed with the combination of the wizards’ power and the humans’ willingness to create a great life.

Each thought that gets magically transformed into positivity is sent back to Earth and begins to play a part in the growth of empathy, compassion, warmth and joy. Humans begin to focus more on what they want and less of what they don’t want, while acknowledging each other’s differing views with understanding and open hearts.

If you ever have a series of negative thoughts or emotions, send them off to the Wizards of Meow and they will help you transform them into rainbow beams of peace, love and harmony.

Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas (ready to hang)
Size: 700 x 700 mm (27.5 x 27.5 inches) (+45mm deep)

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