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Art by Lynda Bell

The Birds and the Bees - original painting

The Birds and the Bees - original painting

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This painting depicts a group of very important pollinators – some magical nectar-eating New Zealand birds and of course the all-important bee wizards who keep us alive with their pollinating powers. These birds are all important for both seed dispersal and pollination. They pollinate our native plants by feeding on nectar and transferring it as they flit from one plant to the next. Most New Zealand native flowering plants are pollinated by animals and so these birds and bees are extremely important to the entire ecosystem. Worldwide there are about 2000 species of pollinating birds and it has been found that bees pollinated plants that provide ninety percent of the world’s food. So the world relies heavily on these wizards to keep our planet alive. They, in turn, rely on us to keep them and their magical pollinating powers alive.

Details of this painting:

Acrylic on boxed canvas
Ready to hang
800 x 600 mm
(45mm deep)

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