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Art by Lynda Bell

Kereru Magic - original painting

Kereru Magic - original painting

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The Kererū wizard is the life of every party even if they are often a little bit drunk. Their fun-loving nature means that everyone loves them and forgives them when they get a bit clumsy and knock things over – including their friends. When this wizard is not at a party you can often find them growing steadily larger by eating all the berries in a nearby tree, or sleeping deeply in a shadowy nook until they can fly again.

This wizard’s magical seeds spread abundance and fun wherever they are dropped – and they are often dropped in the most random of places. When a seed or two land near you, you will be sure to have a whole lot of fun and laughter (and food and drinks) coming your way.

*Kererū is the Māori name for the New Zealand native wood pigeon

Acrylic on wood panel
Ready to hang
500 x 500 mm / 19.6 x 19.6 inches

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