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Art by Lynda Bell

Kendria the Majestic Godmother - original painting

Kendria the Majestic Godmother - original painting

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Kendria the Majestic Godmother wants the world to treat all animals like royalty.

Kendria wants to correct the hypocrisy in the world - where some animals a treated with reverence and care, protected by laws and seen as human companions, while others have no laws of protection, suffer neglect, abuse and disrespect and are treated as merely food or something that can be used by humankind.

This Godmother says : All animals are majestic and should be treated with love and respect. There should be no more importance placed on one animal’s life, over another - rather they are all important, sentient intelligence beings, and it is our job as a human being to make sure they live their best life.

Painting Details:

Acrylic on canvas
Ready to hang
800 x 600 mm
(+45mm deep)

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