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Art by Lynda Bell

Guidance - original painting

Guidance - original painting

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Support * Love * Guidance * Strength

These dragons represent the feeling of knowing you are not alone. You are loved, you are understood and you are held at all times - by those in the earthly realm and beyond.

Each dragon-creature is symbolic of our journey through life and embodies the qualities that a strengthened when we are being supported by those around us.

The Lioness: Spiritual strength and courage to overcome obstacles and believe in the power within us.

The Bear: Confidence in who you are, family and a feeling of trust in oneself and others. This bear-dragon has phoenix wings to represent a rebirth of self.

The Elephant: The elephant crushes out negative energies and replaces them with wisdom, power and vitality.

The Fox: Symbolising magic and dreams, the fox-dragon encourages you to play and discover your personal magic powers, while showering you with protection.

The Cat: Independence, grace, prosperity and resilience are just some of the cat-dragons magical qualities. This creature encourages you to carve out and follow your own path.

The Dragon-bee: while dragons symbolise good luck and protection, Bees represent abundance, harmony and teamwork. This dragon-bee is a small but mighty force to encourage supporting one another's dreams and making our own dreams come true through perseverance and harmonious determination.

Painting Details:
Acrylic on wood panel
Ready to hang
600 mm tondo

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