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Art by Lynda Bell

Bunnies in Dragonland - original painting

Bunnies in Dragonland - original painting

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Once upon a time, before humans walked upon the earth, there was a large island filled with enchanted dragons. One day, a dragon decided she was bored with her usual spells and potions and embarked on a new magical creation. It took many moons to perfect it but finally she did. That was the day that rainbow bunnies were born in Dragonland. Over many years, the bunnies and dragons lived together in harmony. As the years passed by, the bunnies began to look and act more and more like dragons themselves, until they became bunny-dragons, filled with abundant healing magic. When humans started to appear, the dragons and bunny-dragons moved to a new home on a mystical planet, where they now make growth and healing spells to help the planet they once resided on.

Painting Details:

Acrylic on wood panel
Ready to hang
600 mm tondo

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