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Art by Lynda Bell

The Sorcerers’ Soiree - original painting

The Sorcerers’ Soiree - original painting

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The cauldron bubbles upon a dragonish cat;
Mushrooms float by the wizard hats.

The ele-snail makes stars of colour so bright,
As the bubbles drift onwards into the night.

The bunny-bird wizard is waiting her turn -
To whisper her spell that she has just learned.

While the fox-bird chants his favourite words;
And dreams of being the most magical bird.

Everyone looks to the wise horned owl -
For he has started this colourful spell.

One cannot help but see their eyes gleam,
For they have created this mystical dream.

The bubbles growing larger as the spells take flight,
Creating the sky’s most wondrous sight.

The dragon cat’s wand will finish the spell;
And then there will be lots of stories to tell.

And into the night, until dark turns to day,
The sorcerers will have their magical soirée.

The Sorcerers’ Soirée
Acrylic on wood panel
(Ready to hang)
500 x 500 mm

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