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Art by Lynda Bell

Briar Bunnyshroom - Original Painting

Briar Bunnyshroom - Original Painting

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The Shroom Creatures are a cluster of magical beings who journey through gardens and hop into pot plants, leaving little gifts of magick to add cheer and inspiration to our days. Briar Bunnyshroom carries magical seeds wherever she goes, and digs tiny little holes near plants to bury them in. We cannot see these seeds or what they grow into, but each tiny seedling fast becomes a magical mushroom of luck that bestows good fortune onto everyone who is near it. You are very lucky indeed if Briar comes to visit you one day. 

Painting Details:

  • Acrylic on Wood
  • 26.5 cm (10.43 inches) diameter
  • Varnished
  • Ready to Hang
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