Helping day-dreamers and magic seekers to fill their homes with painted stories of wonder, joy and beauty. 

I have been making art and stories since I can remember.
 As a very young child I knew I would always be an artist. As life often happens in curious ways, and not always as we plan when we are young, I took a moment or two as an adult to remember that. But at age 25 I quit my teaching career and have been dedicating a good proportion of my life to art, ever since, while being a Mum to human and animal children.

I now work full time as a painter and Illustrator from my studio at the Quarry Arts Centre in Whangarei, New Zealand. I have trained in fine art, painting, teaching and arts therapy and bring all of this learning into my art practice. I strive to embed happiness and inspiration into each artwork because I believe that joy and kindness can change the world. 

The artworks I create are largely motivated by my love of animals and my desire to awaken kindness and compassion within my viewers. Within the paintings, tales unfold and the viewers are taken into a world where animals are treated with respect and kindness; a world where anything is possible and stories are abundant. It is within this world that people may be reminded of the integral part of their self which forms their humanity: compassion, love and a kinship with animals that we all felt as young children.

A big artistic goal of mine is to inspire people to care for animals and to remember that they are sentient beings, in need of our love, care and protection. I think about what the earth would look like if there was no cruelty or exploitation. My paintings are narratives, in which people are heroes and heroines for the animals, because people can in fact be just that, in real life. I also like to have fun with my artwork, to create strange and silly scenarios and conjure imaginary critters, giant fruit and floating cupcakes.

I am also greatly influenced by the archetypes and symbolism within classic tales and mythological themes. I paint worlds in which all things imagined are possible; dreams are real and life is abundant and joyful. My paintings will take you into utopian worlds of colour and fun, where animals are loved and hearts are filled with kindness. You will be inspired to reminisce over your love of day-dreaming, and connection to the stories that have woven into our human experience.

It is always my hope that my paintings keep inspiring joy, while we fight the good battles here on Earth.

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