Artworks of Colour, Fun and Happiness

Here is a little about what inspires me to make the art that I do and why it means so much to me.
I am all about animals, and animal-human relationships. My goal is to inspire people to care for animals and to remember that they are sentient beings, in need of our love, care and protection. I think about what the earth would look like if there was no cruelty or exploitation - no farming or hunting or testing on animals. My paintings are stories, in which people are heroes and heroines for the animals, because people can in fact be just that, in real life. I also like to have fun with my artwork, to create strange and silly scenarios and conjure imaginary critters, giant fruit and floating cupcakes. My slogan is 'artworks of colour, fun and happiness' and I hope my paintings keep inspiring joy, while we fight the good battles here on Earth.
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